“Time with Elkie is therapy for the mind, body and soul. Take this time to be pampered and retreat into calmness; regaining the balance often lost in busy lives. Ever since meeting Elkie in 2004, I've watched her dedicate herself to building up her massage and therapy business. She does this with a true belief that wellness and balance can be achieved through relaxation and massage therapy, her technique is firm, always finding any problem areas and working out stress and tension. Every person who visits Elkie will find themselves re-centred and feeling amazing.”

Sara Hulf, Sidcup

“I have been coming to see Elkie for my massages for over 8 years. I think that is a testimony in itself. As a regular spa goer and someone who loves a treatment, there is no one who comes close to the experience and quality Elkie provides. Elkie will take time to listen to your needs and where required tailor your massage to the key areas requiring attention. Elkie is amazing!!!”

Saskia Mitchell, Hayes

“I have been seeing Elkie for massages for over 6 years now and it has become an essential part of my self care regime. Physically she helps me to relax and release tension that otherwise sits heavy on my shoulders and lower back. But more importantly seeing Elkie helps me stay mentally and emotionally well. Having suffered from depression for years the time spent with her feeling cared for, listened to & healed is invaluable. I can’t recommend Elkie highly enough-in fact most of my close friends have already become regular clients!”

Alex Cutler, Sevenoaks

“This is my favourite baby class as it’s a good mix between activities for my little girl and me and Elkie is creating a lovely atmosphere to share challenges and advice while having a cup of tea and a cookie at the end of the class.”

Janina and Sienna

“Definitely my favourite baby group by far. Elkie's knowledge and experience is the basis for a wonderful class, and provides a safe space to discuss any troubles faced by a new mum. Like everyone in my group, we started with baby massage and have now moved onto the yoga classes and will continue until my Sofia is crawling away from me.”

Louise and Sofia

“Baby massage is one of the highlights of our week! Elkie is a wonderful, friendly and informative teacher and makes the classes really enjoyable. The course is a great way to bond with your baby and also meet other local mums. Thoroughly recommend!”

Colette and Isla

“I’ve been attending Elkie's baby massage classes since my son was 2.5 weeks old (now 6 months old and we are still loving it!) Elkie has created such a warm and nurturing space to bond with and build confidence in handling our babies, meet other mums and have a lovely cup of tea (and cake 🤫) while the babies nap after their massage. It's such a special time in our week and I would wholeheartedly recommend it to others!”

Liz and Sebastian

“It’s more than just massaging your baby, you learn new things each week, it’s a fun way to bond with your baby in a unique relaxed class, we absolutely love it!”

Sophie and Winona